DRT1-91 - Roots 73 Duffle Bag

Manufacturer Number: RO13328

The Roots 73 duffle bag features light construction, all pieces lined with black body and red trim, interior tie-down straps to keep all packed items secured and mesh zippered on interior of lid. Measurements including wheels and handles: 75.5 x 43 x 33cm (30” x 17” x 13”). Weighs: 3.6 kg (6.8 lbs).

We will custom brand this award to your company using appropriate methods. These include engraving, etching, affixing a logo, hang tag or a nameplate. Where possible, we will personalize the awards with your employees name and years of service. The award will be custom gift wrapped in your companies program branding or logo, or alternatively, gift wrapped in decorative paper with a decal. This award is unconditionally guaranteed.

$155.00 -