B0501 - Birks Business Collection Deluxe Inuit Owl Sculpture

Manufacturer Number: SAC-0501

This delightful owl sculpture is carved in stone with intricate detailing. The Inuit carve small sculptures of animals and human figures depicting everyday activities and the animals that make up the integral part of their lives. These sculptures, by various contemporary artists, are carved in the traditional style and reproduced from a blend of natural minerals and man made binders which simulates the look and feel of soapstone. Non-toxic and environmentally safe, each piece is molded, cast and hand polished with a naturally derived wax. Offered exclusively through Birks Business. Size: 8" x 5.5" x 4". Made in Canada.

We will custom brand this award to your company using appropriate methods. These include engraving, etching, affixing a logo, hang tag or a nameplate. Where possible, we will personalize the awards with your employees name and years of service. The award will be custom gift wrapped in your companies program branding or logo, or alternatively, gift wrapped in decorative paper with a decal. This award is unconditionally guaranteed.

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