1012A - Therawell Salt Lamp and Naturally Sea Salt Lotion Bundle

Manufacturer Number: RM-1012A

Therawell Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp gives off a warm and soothing amber glow to help relax and calm the mind. Himalayan Salt Lamps naturally purify the air by attracting and absorbing contaminants attached to surrounding water molecules in the environment. Improve the air quality in your home while relaxing by the soft glow of your 100% pure Himalayan salt lamp. Weight: 3-5 kg. Naturally Argan Sea Salt Hand and Body Lotion is the proactive way to keep hands & body well moisturized. A fast absorbing lotion, formulated to keep skin hydrated & nourished daily. This new fragrance is an all-natural formula that contains antioxidant enriched Argan Oil, which hydrates skin and helps improve elasticity, 97% natural,100% Canadian and 360 ml (12 fl. oz.). Both items carry lifetime warranties

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